Since my early childhood I have been inspired by nature. As soon as I could read, Thiemes’ nature guide was my favorite book and I searched in ditches, ponds and banks for frogs, salamanders, grass snakes, beetles, water fleas and a thousand things more. The need to capture my discoveries grew and the combination of nature and photography was soon a fact.

Over the years I have developed myself into a professional (nature) photographer. I am also trained as a designer, in 2011 I graduated from the Royal Academy of Art. As a student I started to work together with the WWF, for my graduation I traveled to WWF projects in Borneo to make photo reports. Followed by publications in National Geographic Magazine, WWF media and travel guides. Besides photography, I keep myself busy with App design, UX design and Branding & Identity.

What Clients Say About Me

Jonne is een heel gedreven en creatief fotograaf. Daarbij hielp hij onze WNF-collega’s in het veld met zijn grote fotografiekennis. Eigen creativiteit en werken in teamverband gaat bij Jonne dus samen en dat is mooi om te zien. Tot slot is Jonne het voorbeeld van een échte WNF-ambassadeur, hij draagt op een heel vernieuwende manier het internationale WNF-natuurbeschermingswerk uit.

Marlou van Kampen, Wereldnatuurfonds

Jonne is kind and good. So he is of a good kind. As a student he co-created the study Interactive/Media/Design at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague into a refreshingly new department and as a photographer he manages to pause time for a single frame so we can all witness how he sees things.

Marcel Kampman, Happykamping

Working with Jonne is getting things done the good way. Flexible, intelligent and creative input and output, garanteed with a huge load of positive energy.

Duco Volker, Buroduco