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paradise island
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Sticky, steamy, rich in history, studded with temples, dotted with beaches, alive with culture and blessed with spectacular food.

During my internship within an Orphanage (WIDE Children’s Home) I documented a three month journey throughout the Southern part of India.

South India is mostly located on the Deccan Plateau, bordered on each side by two mountain ranges, the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, and coastal plains. The Western Ghats is one of the hottest hotspots of biological diversity in the world and has been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is a big difference between Southern Indian and the rest of the country. The basic culture of the south is essentially Dravidian culture, quite different from North India’s Indo – East European culture. The people of the South would remain down to earth, calm and simple in spite of talents and riches. South Indians respect castes and religious sentiments quite unlike their brash Northern neighbors.

The vast tropical forests of South India are home to a variety of wild animals and flora, the largest populations of tigers and elephants in India are found here! Yout can enjoy the natural beauty of these forests at places like Mudumalai, Bandipur, Periyar National Parks. South India also has some of the most beautiful beaches in India like Kovalam, Goa and the Andaman Islands.

  • CountryIndia
  • Year2010
  • ClientWIDE Children's Home